Where is Earthwalking?

The Land At Cae Non

We have recently found and gained guardianship over a secluded five acre plot of land near Nefyn on the Llyn Peninsula. Currently it is an open, overgrown field full of indigenous wildlife and thick with wild flowers. Here we are in the process of planting thousands of trees and living willow structures, including a triskell-shaped labyrinth. We also have a small island and a stream. We have recently begun the construction of an extensive herb garden…. fruit trees and bushes will follow in due course. If you would like more information about Cae Non, please visit www.caenon.co.uk.


The Facilities

Inside the Hafod

Inside the Hafod

The Hafod is small, cosy and compact. When ever possible, we will be working outside, but when necessary we will retreat indoors. The Hafod is equipped  with a very efficient wood-burning stove, benches , chairs and a table. There is also the wherewithal to prepare and serve a meal – pots, pans, etc.. Here we will eat our meals, unless it is a nice, warm, sunny day in which case we will be able to eat at the picnic table outside.

Water comes from the stream which flows through the top of the field. This has to be collected in buckets. It is then fed through a gravity water filter which renders it perfectly safe and hygienic to drink.

Ty Bach

The Loo

The Loo is housed in a small wooden building a few yards away from the Hafod. It is a compost loo which means that there is no water to flush. A bucket contained under a seat collects the waste – a handful of clean, sweet-smelling wood-shavings are placed in the bucket after use. There is also a bucket of clean rainwater for you to ladle out into a plastic bowl so that you may always be able to wash your hands afterwards – towel and soap are also provided.

Sleeping Arrangements have been arranged in my own home which is a 25 minute drive away from Cae Non. My house has recently undergone extensive treatment for dry rot and parts of it are still in a semi “building site” stage. However, this is no way prevents you sleeping comfortably in proper beds, or using the large bathroom, or relaxing in front of the open fire and enjoying a drink of some kind before you retire to bed. It is rough and ready but safe, clean and serviceable.

Every activity will be conducted at Cae Non. This means that you will only leave for my home at Bryn some time during the evening; exactly what time that may be depends on when we finish eating dinner, or any evening activities…. or how tired we all might be feeling by then!

You will all arrive back at Cae Non for 8.30.the next morning where I will have breakfast ready and waiting for you so that we can all begin the day properly together.