About Gillian

Evening-at-Dinas-004-300x269I am a Quaker and a Theosophist, as well as being the founder and Grove Mother of Cylch Blodeuwedd (Druid Grove of Blodeuwedd). I qualified as a teacher with an Honours degree in Education forty years ago, but now I also offer healing in several different disciplines including spiritual healing, regression and soul healing and holistic aromatherapy. More recently I have begun to write and have already had my first book, ‘Merry Midwinter’, published by Unbound in 2018.

I was brought up in the countryside, in a 300 year old cottage, long and low with black oak beams, set in its own secluded valley surrounded by woods and farmland. A river bordered two sides of the huge jungle-like garden, and a pretty stream bisected it. Many fruit trees and bushes jostled for space with hazel, birch, oak, alder, elder and hawthorn; herbs abounded everywhere, wild flowers bloomed in abundant swathes beneath the trees and old cottage flowers tumbled in sweet scented profusion.

We pumped have our own water from a spring and generated our own electricity (or more often used candles and oil lamps). Cooking on an open fire and baking in a fire oven were challenging but satisfying; growing our own food, brewing our own beer and wine, producing our own herbal remedies and working in tandem with the animals, wild and domesticated. I learned from a very early age about the rhythms of life and cycles of the seasons. I grew to love and respect the infinite beauty and power of nature which can so easily render puny humanity vulnerable and helpless.

This was, a place where it was easy to move between the worlds, a liminal spot where the veils thinned and where many forms of life merged and melded. A place where people always came to be healed. Here I learned many skills and here too, I developed a self reliance, independence, patience, and fortitude, and perhaps most importantly, a strong sense of humour!

My mother was a huge influence all through my formative years, and continued to be so until her death relatively recently. I grew up with the traditional values of hearth, home, family and community, not to mention a strong work ethic, and the palpable importance of play, fun and time for dreaming. This is the essence, the genuine qualities of life, which I would like to pass on to you now. It doesn’t matter where or how you live. The outer trappings are irrelevant. It is how you perceive life and approach it that is most important.

Now, from my home deep within the mountains of Snowdonia in North Wales, I wish to reach out and share my experiences with you. I seek to strip away the misleading and irrelevant veneer of 21st century life and help you recognise what is true and enduring about you and your life path, and how to progress along it, successfully and meaningfully, with appreciation and joy.

If life has taught me anything, it is a deep reverence for all that is, and an especial love, empathy and respect for all my brothers and sisters in humanity. I very much look forward to new friendships and mutually shared adventures. Do you dare to accompany me a little way along the path? Do you dare not to come, and miss what you might otherwise never know?

It is up to you