Walking With the Goddess


Practical action… positive healing

An introduction to how I work and what we shall be doing each month

‘When the Earth is ravaged and the animals are dying,
a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from many colours, classes, creeds, and who by their actions and deeds shall make the earth green again.
They will be known as the Warriors of the Rainbow’.
                                                                                   Old Native American Prophecy


Many of us are already aware, concerned or downright afraid of the state we have managed to get our world into. But no matter how sincere our deepest intentions, by our very nature, we tend to be inconsistent, ineffective and lethargic in our efforts to put it right and regardless of whatever we already do, we can always do better.

Are YOU prepared to get up and DO something? Put all your fears, objections, confusion, suspicions and uncertainties to one side and bring in positivity, empowerment and healing? Then look no further – try Walking With The Goddess and you will begin to see what I mean!

My aim is to send out a call to all those who would like to make the world a better place – to inspire those who wish to heal humanity and repair the damage we have done to our Earth. My wish is to bring together positive, loving, caring people all around the globe who are prepared to bring practical action into their personal lives, for the healing of humanity and the Earth and the genuine honouring of All That Is. This does not need to involve great expenditure of money, or travel or even leaving your armchair at home if you do not want it to. It simply involves you and your loving action and intention.

However, I need to make it clear that I am only here to ask questions and encourage you to find the answers… To co-ordinate and connect… To inspire you… to guide you in how to link with the natural world so that we may all come together to heal and learn and grow anew… To direct you to sources which might nourish and support you in your quest to find a new way of living and to reach out to all life around you as you direct healing and love into the world yourself.

I am not here to provide you with the answers, or to do it for you. How much satisfaction and success you get from following these suggestions depends entirely on how much time, effort, thought and love you care to put into your endeavours.

Having said that, there is nothing so very complicated here that everyone can’t have a go at doing something on some level!



The goddess in the title is actually the Earth… our planet… our physical home. It is from this Earth that our earthly, physical bodies are derived, and it is this Earth which gives us nourishment and habitat in which to live, grow and thrive.



Walking With The Goddess each month entails doing certain simple tasks (such as working with an element, planting something or adopting an area of land) and being challenged to take certain actions, discover certain information and make certain simple changes in your personal life, (such as eliminating certain unhealthy products and practices from your home or working environment, or contacting local or national officials or publicity outlets).

These things are simply suggestions. If you are extra busy or unwell, or really don’t feel that a particular activity is for you, no one is going to check up on you… just don’t do it. Do what you can with a joyful heart.

There will also be a guided meditation, a journey to help you, an email facility where you can contact me directly about any particular concerns, and a Facebook page for us all to share information and encouragement.

And every Thursday at 8.pm. G.M.T. there will be a weekly healing session, lasting approximately thirty minutes, when we can all come together with one intention and one mind, our hearts filled to overflowing with love.

The very best way of really discovering what it is all about is to sign up for the first month and try it out. If you don’t like it, then don’t continue – but hopefully if it will make your heart sing.



We need to recognise that there is always a plus and a minus about every aspect of life; there is always darkness to go with light, loss to accompany gain, sadness to temper happiness. We cannot always change these things, but we can alter how we view them and react to them. We can learn to make a ‘positive’ out of anything and everything and bring both extremes into balance and harmony.

We need to learn to give thanks for both sides of every situation. Without the dark we could not see the light. Without loss we could not appreciate what we have or might gain. Without pain we could not know what it is to be truly comfortable. Without sadness we could not understand true happiness.

At the present time, humanity finds itself in a frightening situation when all that it has engendered is coming to fruition in an alarming way that we never intended. But nevertheless, we are responsible. Instead of denying it in our ignorance and fear, let’s take this amazing opportunity to prove to ourselves just how potent and powerful we really are. Let us seize this chance of learning how to wield our energies for the healing, renewal and salvation of humanity, the Earth and everything upon it.

Furthermore, masculine and feminine energies are all a part of this harmony and balance, which is why I will be recommending a Welsh goddess or god each month to provide balanced stimulus, inspiration and spiritual support. If you have your own god(s) or spiritual beliefs to help nourish you, then that is great, but you still might also want to look at our ancient Celtic Welsh deities as an added perspective to the many-faceted jewel which is life.



If you study any of the characters from the ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian – or any other – pantheon of gods, you will soon come to realise that so-called divine beings are still capable of making mistakes and doing awful things. Our native Welsh gods and goddesses here in Wales are no less blessed. All categories of divine life are just simply that – life – with all its miracles, wonders, beauty, disappointments, mistakes and drawbacks.

Nor is divine life relegated to a mere few honoured souls – we are ALL manifestations of divine life, whether we are human, flora, fauna, rocks, elements… here on Earth or from anywhere else.

Many expressions of life obey ‘natural laws’ where they have no choice. But where this choice exists there is always the opportunity to get things ‘wrong’ – for our decisions and actions to yield not so positive or satisfying outcomes. Then the source of the disharmony needs love and support to find its way back to strength, wholeness and balance.

From the stories of other divine and semi-divine beings, we discover that they may have wielded mightier powers than we possess today, but they did so with just as little sense or moral aptitude and frequently performed dreadful acts and made disastrous decisions. The natural world and the elemental energies found there have an amoral approach to life which can be equally as kind and supportive or devastating and cruel.

The title of ‘god’ or ‘goddess’ implies an untouchable status and quality which sets that being above everything else. However, this introduces a dangerous precedent as it almost inevitably leads to pride, arrogance, selfishness… and mistakes.

None of us are above the divine law of karma and the more wisdom we learn and the further we progress the more we find that humility, gentleness, equality, compassion and unconditional love is at the centre of everything.

Perhaps the evolvement of goddesses and gods originally began as a projection of what we would aspire to be ourselves – beautiful, powerful, invincible, strong and wise – but we have possibly also projected our natural human failings onto and into their personas as well!

Nowhere are words and actions as important as the feelings, emotions and intentions behind them. This you will discover while you are Walking With The Goddess. In seeking and giving acknowledgement, respect, honour and love certain aspects or areas of your personal life might more obviously resonate with certain ancient archetypes or gods/goddesses – resonances which integrate their presence and influence into your everyday life. Do not make the mistake of simply listening to the basic stories of these divine beings – look beyond the words to what they are really telling us about life and ourselves.

As you become more aware of these carefully formulated heroes and heroines, certain parts of your memory, your mental processes, are stimulated and awakened and increase your ability to think and act for the wider good, to identify what you really believe and to integrate your beliefs into daily spiritual practice.

This is working at an energetic level which cannot be seen or felt, but which is still very real – just as you may not be able to actually see radio waves but you can still tune in and listen to your favourite programme or music.



Imagine a lovely silver shower above your head and in your mind’s eye, see it falling softly all around and through you. Know that it is cleansing your body, your mind, your emotions and your spirit/soul. Allow this to continue until you feel absolutely whole and clean and relaxed.

See another light above your head – a wonderfully soft white light which beams down upon you like a gentle protective cloak or bubble. See it until you know that you are completely surrounded (and don’t forget the top of your head and under your feet!) and also know that you are completely protected and safe within it.

As an extra protection, now you can also imagine a lovely shining gold disk or shield covering your solar plexus – the area between your waist and the bottom of your ribs. This is a very special, sensitive area which has only just been scientifically proven to be so important to us, and consequently vulnerable. Without being aware of it we lose a great deal of energy from this point. We also inadvertently take in a great deal of negative energy and emotion from other people and events which is often not good for us and which we really need to get rid of. This shining disk will help to protect us. Know that it is doing so and that you are safe behind it.

You may wish to take a shower or bath as well or instead of the above – whatever you prefer is just fine.



Payment is £5 per month and will include suggestions, guided journeys, (with written and audio versions to make it easy for you to use them), challenges and activities as well as access to a group Facebook page where we may share information, inspiration and results. It will also give you my contact details so that if you have any particular personal questions or concerns you are welcome to share them with me.

Bringing everything together and holding it in the light, identifying situations and ways of potentially improving them, individually addressing people’s personal challenges and successes and providing inspiration and ideas all takes time and energy. I would like to offer this service for free but, like everyone else, I need to earn my living.

I am offering this unique opportunity to be a part of something effectively practical and sustainable for the very least amount of money in the hopes that it allows everyone access. If the group grows large enough, in time I will be happy to reduce the individual charge.



Yes, you are just one person… and what real effect can one person have on their own? But you needn’t remain on your own! One single raindrop will not fill a lake, but a million trillion drops will begin to add up and soon a flood will begin to appear. You can be a part of this flood – the turning of the tide for the salvation of our environment, our planet, our life… our very existence. So, come and join me – now. This might be the most important action that you ever take. And tell all your friends about it too. Share it on Facebook and by email. (A short precis of the course is included at the end of this text – use it anywhere and everywhere you wish!) Spread the word – not for my sake but for everyone’s sakes – we need to act, NOW!

I am happy to discuss any aspects of Walking With The Goddess, or answer any questions.

I look forward to hearing from you and working with you in the future.

Brightest blessings,




Do something different! Positive. Healing. Something totally enjoyable and beneficial. I am offering these activities as a way of bringing us all together – to stand firm, passionate and glorious in our united love for and care of life.

It is suggested that each participant create a sacred area in their home, garden or local natural environment in which they feel comfortable to think, journey and dream. They will be encouraged to cleanse and protect themselves. To positively identify each month’s personal negatives and acknowledge joyfully their positives. They will be directed to call on the example and qualities of specific Celtic deities for inspiration and support, along with a guided journey to facilitate real active connection. They will also be given challenges: things to seek, to do, and to achieve in the natural world and their day-to-day life. There will be a weekly healing circle, and a Facebook page where those who wish can share practical information and their thoughts, observations, concerns, ideas, inspiration and encouragement.

Each monthly download only £5.

Module 1: Late Winter
Early springtime and the Goddess, Gaia, begins to wake. Here we work with the element of water and Llyr, Welsh God of Water and the Sea to  bring about purification and healing around the planet. We also look at how we can make our own homes, and all the water products we use more environmentally friendly.


Module 2: Early Spring
Springtime and the month of March. Here we shall be celebrating the element of fire and where to find our own inner hearth… and what this might mean to us. we shall also be connecting with the Goddess, Ffraid, for our own healing and the healing of the planet. There are also suggested actions and challenges – read on!


Module 3: Deepest Springtime
Broaden your connection with the element of earth through the medium of stone. With guidance from Taliesin you will learn to charge stones with energies and sounds for the healing of our planet Earth; while Melangell will support you in adopting some specific aspect of the animal kingdom to care for and protect.


Module 4: The Merry Month of May
As we enter early summer, turn your attention to the element of Air and the inspiration and importance which it holds in your life. You are advised to go within, to take a deep look at yourself and your relationship with ALL THAT IS AROUND YOU. For this we call upon the God Bran, guardian of the British Isles, and his sister the Goddess Branwen to help us find the courage and strength in these difficult days of self-isolation, illness, and reorganisation.
Module 5: June
Share in and enjoy this sparkling experience! Walking With The Goddess in June seeks to harness the natural potency and energy of the Sun at the Midsummer solstice and utilise it for impetus and inspiration. You will be guided to open your eyes, become more sensitively and intuitively aware of what is going on around you in your personal, domestic world. You will also be encouraged to formulate a new future – reject a return to the out-worn ‘old norm’ and dream into being a vibrant new normality. And you will be led to dance with The Lady of Flowers, better known as Blodeuwedd, and to rest in the wisdom of her owl form and experience your connection to everything and everyone. This is a joyous, celebratory month and the activities of this module reflect the optimism and wonderous potential of our collective new future.
Module 6: July
For the month of July, Merlin is the divine archetype who will guide you on your journey through the Wild Wood. Discover the new world you wish to birth, which is hidden deep within your subconscious and how you can begin to create this new reality by working with the powerful energies of Merlin. Join me on an adventure into our woodlands, where you will learn about the amazing relevance trees have in our lives. You will also be taken step by step through the process of how to identify the energy of a tree, and how to connect to and communicate with a tree of your choice, and how to develop a relationship with it.
Module 7: August
The month of August introduces you to the Mother Goddess, Don. She will help you to identify and connect to elemental energy with which you can begin to heal and create an ecologically sustainable and harmonious new way to live.
Module 8: September
Join us this month, work with the magician, Math, to rediscover your own innate experiences and wisdom buried deep within your DNA. There are also suggested activities which will help your life to reflect the season of autumn. Be encouraged to enter into some ‘autumn cleaning’ and begin to eliminate fabric and fibres from your life which are harmful to our planet. Live positively!
Module 9: October
October is the time of the goddess, Cerridwen, and her restorative cauldron of Life. Journey into the dark autumnal woods to discover what your future might bring you. Work with your ancestors to heal the past and begin to evolve new ways for a new world and alternative methods of living in our modern society. Be daring, be courageous and begin to take an active part in bringing it all about!
Module 10: November
This month, journey deeper into the dark time of the year with the ancient reindeer goddess Ellen of the Ways. To help us connect more intimately with the natural world, we shall also be looking at the impact which ‘time’ has on our lives and also how to more authentically give of ourselves this midwinter season.
Module 11: December
Journey across the winter skies with Welsh leader of the Wild Hunt, Gwyn ap Nudd and venture out to meet the archetypal Midwinter Mothers and be healed. You are challenged to schedule and reorganise your midwinter celebrations to most authentically reflect your personal needs and expectations whilst your task shall be to work with the qualities of Darkness. Season’s greetings to all!
Module 12: January
I am offering the last module in the cycle/first module of the next cycle of Walking With the Goddess for free. It is my wholehearted gift to all those around me who might wish to complete of newly begin this exciting adventure. It features the goddess Arianrhod, weaver of cosmic time and fate, who will help us to birth a new and better future, and Dwynwen the Welsh patron of lovers who will help us to further develop our capacity for unconditional love.

Do something which will make a very real difference to you and all around you… come Walking With The Goddess!