Course Price and Payment


This includes:
The seven weekend workshops of Earthwalking
All your refreshments and food during those seven weekends.
Accommodation on the Saturday night of each weekend.
Your tuition and all the materials required during the seven weekend workshops.
Course support between workshops.

DEPOSIT: A deposit of £50 will secure a place on the Earthwalking cycle. This is only refundable if more than a fortnight’s notice is given before the cycle is due to begin.

ONE PAYMENT: a single payment of £875 can be made not later than two weeks before the cycle is due to begin.

SEVEN PAYMENTS: Alternatively, seven payments over the course of the year can be made, each to be paid a fortnight before the date of the next weekend workshop. Even if you cannot attend one of the workshops, the payment will still be due as the fee is for the overall course and not an individual weekend.

CONCESSIONS: For the low-waged or unwaged. I would never turn anyone away from any of my courses if they truly wish to participate. Please do talk to me and I am sure that we can come to some arrangement.