Welcome to Earthwalking

Practical, empowering, revealing, nurturing, freeing, healing: find your own unique path and renew your own sacred relationship with Life, Earth, and Spirit.

I would like to offer each and every one of you true freedom:

  • Freedom… to develop your dreams and make them into reality.
  • Freedom… to improve your surroundings, relationships and communities.
  • Freedom… to become justifiably proud of yourself, with humility and love for all others.
  • Freedom… to better your natural skills, abilities and gifts.
  • Freedom… to heal yourself, your environment and those around you.
  • Freedom… to be fully, wholly oneself.

And all this begins with you

My approach is as hands on and down to earth as it possibly can be, with the emphasis on practical activities and overt actions. There are many wonderful self-help books and inspiring spiritual guides but I favour building and formulating your own course of development and progression, with all the suggestions, ideas, prompts and support that I can provide for you.

Activities will include

Meditation, visualisation, regression, shamanic journeying, healing, divination and psychometry, physical movement, craft work, cookery, written work and ritual.

The eight weekend stages of the course correspond to the wheel of the year and are formulated to correspond with the changing cycle of the seasons, and some of the set tasks will reflect this.

Come and join in for a profoundly nurturing and liberating experience. You will be gently shown an initiatory pathway into the deeper life of Spirit, an exploratory, sensually alive, mystical path through remarkably simple, practical and down to earth methods, resulting in deep personal healing and transformation.

“That which we spend our lives hoping for is often no more than another chance to do what we should have done to begin with” – Anon.